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CubivalCraft Changelog v1.0.4
Darrien Owner Member Premium Donator
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11 months ago

Add or New:

  • Players can now check which lands are claimed and which ones are not using the MAP.
  • Additional daily quests have been added (BP).
  • More tier rewards (BP) have been included.



  • The prices for decorations, dyes, mobs (sell and buy) have been modified.
  • Adjustments have been made to daily, weekly, and monthly rewards.


  • A temporary fix has been implemented for these issues with custom enchantments on tools. When you break a chest, it no longer drops anything, and when you break SlimeFun items, it drops bugged items.


  • The zombie egg has been removed from the Wanderer NPC.
  • The BottleEXP plugin has been removed as it was considered useless.

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We understand that the server is currently experiencing various issues, including bugs and network problems. We will make every effort to address and resolve these issues as soon as possible.


Back End Changes:

  • The firewall has been reconfigured.

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