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Welcome to CubivalCraft rules page!
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Remember, the specific punishments and their severity can be adjusted based on the server's guidelines and the discretion of the server administrators.

You cannot use:

  1. Cheat or hack clients
  2. Macros
  3. Auto clickers
  4. Scripts

You can use:

  1. Night vision mods/resource packs
  2. Any mods from **Premium Clients like Lunar Client, Badlion, and more..

First Offense: Permanent Ban

  1. Please remember to claim your land to avoid any issues.
  2. Do not break or steal things from land that isn't claimed. This is to keep the server peaceful and drama-free. We want everyone to have fun playing on this server.

First offense: Temporary ban for 1 hour

Repeat offenses: Permanent ban.

First offense: Temporary mute for 1hour.

Second offenses: Temporary mute for 3d.

Third offenses: Temporary mute for 7d

Final offenses: Temporary mute for 30days.

First offense: Temporary mute for 30days

Repeat offenses: Permanent mute


  1. AFK Cobblestone generator mining
  2. AFK SlimeFun block placer mining
  3. AFK Pool

First offense: Removal of the lag machine or AFK farm from the player's property.

Repeat offenses: Temporary Ban 1Day.

First offense: Temporary mute for 1day.

Repeat offenses: Permanent mute.

First offense: Warning

Repeat offenses: Permanent ban.

First offense: Rollback of any unfair progress gained.

Repeat offenses: Permanent ban.

Follow the rules and listen to what the server staff say

Common sense means making smart and sensible choices based on what you know

  • You are not allowed to use "real money" to trade or buy anything. If you still do, we will not be held responsible.