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CubivalCraft Chanegelog 1.0.8
Darrien Owner Member Premium Donator
15 posts
14 topics
8 months ago

Added & Improved:

  • Added more rewards to the Mystic Crate.
  • Enabled players to select the quantity for certain products on the server webstore.
  • Upgraded server RAM.



  • Resolved an issue: If a player already has flying permissions on their account, buying it from the webstore or getting it from a crate won't increase the count.
  • Fixed slow response issue with the Stripe webhook API.
  • Fixed the Immortal enchantment not working.
  • Resolved the issue of Fenrir and White Wolf attacking each other.
  • Fixed a typo in Fly Permission (14d) description at the gold crate.
  • Addressed the issue where players were randomly acquiring the fly ability.



  • Removed x4 Fenrir Spawners.
  • Removed Enchanted Custom Items from /shop.
  • Disabled (SF) Dimensional Home. It was disabled before.